Basically i got myself a Bugera 333XL Head and don't get me wrong i think that its a great amp, but ever since someone blew my amp up (they hit the power switch and not the standby first and it fried the insides) and i got it repaired ever since it hasn't been the same... i tried different power tubes but i dunno the cleans suck, it buzzes uncontrollably (i think they didn't repair it properly) and long story short, its sounded way better.

Now i'm going to send it to another place to get repaired this time coz the music store i bought them that "fixes" tube amps.... sucks, and i figured, hell when i get it repaired why not mod it as much as i can to get the absolute best sound.

Any tube sugestions would be great too (i play rock/punk/hard rock but value crunch, like reealllllyyyy crunchy distortion) and remember yes im willing to pour money into doing this amp up but i dont wanna be paying 50-100 for ONE preamp tube etc

So i guess if anyone can sugest me any mods they've heard of or even just stuff they reckon would be cool and any tube sugestions that will keep my huge crunchy tone (Think sorta oldschool silverchair maybe... maybe even enter shikari i didnt mind that, but yeah crunchy) but also keep good cleans. (for people who dont know the amp can switch between 6L6's and EL34 with a switch)
I'm more curious as to how someone blew your amp up.

I don't see how hitting the power before standby would fry the insides at all.

Turning the amp on while it is in standby only turns on the heaters, there is not even any high voltage B+ to "fry" your amp, if you turn the amp on while standby is off (ie. you're in play mode), you could technically shock the tubes and have cathode stripping, but really, it doesn't really happen. Worst case scenario is that you decrease tube life.
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neither did i but apparently it overloads the tubes/fuse

i had a look in the militia thread but its hard to find any mod ideas, any ideas on what to search for in there?
well all i know is it was working, i went downstairs and left the amp on for another guy to play, walked up, it was off with standby on and it wouldnt turn on, he said he just hit the power switch

but anyway im getting it fixed again

any mod or tube sugestions
Quote by doommaker
neither did i but apparently it overloads the tubes/fuse

i had a look in the militia thread but its hard to find any mod ideas, any ideas on what to search for in there?

I think the answer is in that thread?

how long have you had the amp?

I would either take it in and follow the correct Bugera proceedures or forget your warranty and pay someone on the cheap to bias and overhaul your amp.

PS...I don't own one.

PSS. It's Power switch first then Standby usually so maybe you can explain 'your accident' a bit better
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I can't honestly say i know what happened because i wasnt in the room, all i know is apparently it was fried inside. I dont care about the waranty im not going back to that store (the owner is an a*hole)
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neither did i but apparently it overloads the tubes/fuse

i had a look in the militia thread but its hard to find any mod ideas, any ideas on what to search for in there?

If all that happened was you blew a fuse, then replacing a fuse is a trivial task and should have no effect whatsoever. If you're getting weird noises, you might just have a microphonic tube. Take a pencil and gently tap on the tubes when the amp is on, if you can hear the tapping through the speaker, the tube is having microphonic issues. My JTM45 has a microphonic preamp tube and it buzzes uncontrollably on low notes and it ghosts and pretty much shrieks at me on leads (not pleasant). But these are all very simple fixes which you most likely do not really need a tech to do and could try before spending $60 to have a guy change a preamp tube.

I'm no expert on tube amps but I know enough about how they work to tell you that turning the amp on before turning standby on (can you explain what he/she did?), will not fry your amp unless there was another huge internal problem.
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Bugera thread dude...post on the last page and ask.

I'm not saying this is the problem but there is a possible issue with the way the power tubes are connected to the output transformer but again...i don't own one.

see The Gear Thread sticky and find Bugera. Then post.

I'm still curious tho. You mentioned a friend turned your amp on or off with standby first/last or what happened exactly? Power is usually first as mentioned.
Ok i guess i'll try to explain exactly what the guy said happened.

he hit the power switch while the amp was fully on (standby and power both on) the amp made this weird digital popping distortiony type noise. when i hit the power switch again it the power tubes wouldnt light up.

I took it to the shop i bought it and they said that a fuse was fried and something on the ircuit board was fried too, like burnt out, sent it away to bugera, got it back, the shop gave it back to me and yes it worked but yeah, buzzing, cleans were destroyed (instant distortion).

english is not your first language right?

yeah, it comes down to your warranty i think, get it fixed the procedure way or some other way as i mentioned.

i see you've posted in Bugera thread so listen to some of those dudes....
Its my first language, i'm aussie and im tired and not bothere to spell nor construct sentences.

warranty took 7 weeks to fix and i got it back with more problems than i sent it away with.
yep......keep asking as the 'mod' you need shouldn't be too tuf for someone who knows what they are doing.

no offense to your spelling but it is hard to read...

...like mine

keep us posted if you need to. Go with someone who can fix your problem and not your local shop i guess. How handy are you with electronics?
im ok with electronics... i just dont wanna royally screw something up.

Who knows it might bbe as simple as getting better quality transformers put in or something.
Sorry about the spelling i shouldnt type when im tired.
I always thought it was standby first to warm up power tubes, then power to actually turn the amp on. That is also what is says in the sticky.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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