I made a microphone out of a cup of water and two wires!
Here's a sound clip: http://leviman2001.googlepages.com/WaterMicrophone.mp3
And Heres the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwYQPpVHW8k

I'll have to record some old 20's jazz or somthing with it, but i didn't feel like micing an amp with it yet, and my voice was handy.

Edit: oh hey now i have recorded guitar with it, strangely theres not more pop and hiss http://leviman2001.googlepages.com/WaterMicrophone-Guitar.mp3
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Haha, I love it, especially the guitar recording. Pretty damn good for a cup of water.

Seems to be a lot of resonance on the low end, cut that down a bit somehow and that'll be a sweet watermic.
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