My parents keep asking me what id like. But I have no idea, im pretty satisfied with my gear and everything ive got.

What are you asking for this christmas?

Ya, these has been done probably a million times by now. i dont care.
a buncha CDs
New stuff (new guitar, new amp, new whatever)
gig or festival tickets
a dog or anything else to eat.
I don't know what I want, either. I did want to get 'Chaos in Motion', but my very generous friend got it for me. I know I want Disgaea Anime on DVD, but I seriously can't think of anything else.

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a dog or anything else to eat.

Damn Chinese...
I'm asking for:
Mini fridge and microwave (I'm moving away for school in January)
EHX Small Stone Phaser
Visual Sound Angry Fuzz Octave pedal.
A **** ton of vinyl
few TV dvds.
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Hmm..ask for a laptop perhaps? Something for your Musical device? A tv? A sexy knife? An extra memory card for your camera/phone/whatever? A camera? A portable dvd player? Really nice head phones?..I dunno, what do you like to do?

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guitar hero world tour
concert tickets
80 gig ipod
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I too have everything i want from them

so i just asked for some awesome slippers

ask for a long board, that's what I'm asking for
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oh man! i forgot what elses i wanted.

Who else here wants a MOTHER****ING CHIA PET!!!!!!????