well, i thought i might share this story of my serious parking rage. well i was driving to chermside shopping centre (innocently, never being a hoon) and when i gots there i drove round and round and round (repeats times many) to find a car park, i eventually got smart and stalked a shopper back to their car. i waited for approx 5-7 minutes for this slut to put her kid in the car and fix her ****. then as she pulled out some muthafukin **** faced slut just pulled into my car park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr. got sooooo ****ing angry and chuckd an absolute spaz. i then found another car park, went back and spat a large quantity of phlem on the cunts car and i also keyed it.

feel free to share parking rage stories and how you dealt with it