Ok i know there are alot of places i could get this stuff but there are alot of them and if you can answer any of them it would help immensely.

1. How do you make what i call Clean Distortion? I describes this as sounding great when playing power chords. But when you play other stuff it doesn't screech. I would put this best as in The Rising Battle spirit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn8fReXz0pQ&feature=related. Is it all in how you articulate it? or how fast you do it?

2. When playing electric do you cut off sound after you make it so it doesn't disrupt the other notes when played? or are you just playing really fast?

3. How do you palm mute well? I mean, how soft are you suppose to put it on there. and how do you play while doing it?

4. I have a Spider Six II amp. I saw a section for amp settings but i didn't see one for the Allman brothers, is there a good set for it? and how is the setup between the knob that has settings like Metal, Clean, Blues, ect. and the Mid, Bass, and Treb?

5. What is Tone, Bass, Treble, Drive, Mid and the Tone knobs on your guitar? Like how do they affect sound?

Thank you to anyone's help and to those that are just going to make comments that won't help anyone.....eva.

Also note that im mainly an acoustic player and have gotten slightly frustrated at the electric. I own a Stratocaster, a Lyon, and a Squire. There all great but i am having trouble getting a 'handle' of them.

I think i put this in the wrong place so im going to put up one in the electric section. You can answer here or there. thank you and sorry for the double.
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i think i can answer some of your questions

1) i think to have a good "clean distortion" i think mostly depends on how you have your settings on your amp, if you have too much gain everythings real fuzzy if thats the case play a power chord and fiddle with the gain nob and get it so it has a good amount of fuzziness and you can also play higher pitched noises so you can't here fuz.
It might also depend on the quality of you instrument, the Squier will be alot better quality because it's an actual Fender. Also flick the pick-up selector switch into the middle so it's on both or all three pick-ups.

2) This technique is extremely useful for soloing so your notes dont get mixed together into a big pile of mess. you don't have to cut it off, experiment and do what sounds better for the song your playing.

3) To palm mute I rest my palm on the strings just infront of the bridge so that it mutes the note
To play while palm muting i use my wrist to flick the pick across the strings.

i don't have anything for question 4 sorry

5) Tone on a crappy amp is the sound that comes out of the amp, too much one way it sounds like your using your bridge pick-up, too much the other way it sounds like the bridge pick up

Bass is the deeper sounds so the more bass the more defined the deep notes are

Treble is the high pitched notes works the same as bass but higher pitched, my treble also adds to the gain.

Mid is the sounds inbetween if you turn down both treble and bass and turn mid right up it gives you a muffled twang sort of sound (well thats what i get) i normally leave it somewhere inbetween the bass and treble to keep it even but it's entirely up to you what you do with it.

the tone knobs on your guitar affect the pick-ups it turns the pick-up/s down so the sound is used more by the other pick up (i leave mine all the way up because i will keep having to play with it if i dont)

i hope this helps good luck