*scratches head*

I won't try to describe this "intro" using theory, as I don't know it. I think most of the piece is in Dm (don't really know, I just play what sounds in-scale to me).

Anyway, I have gotten in minute bassline and 4-bar intro solo, but I'm lost as to where I need to go with it now. I'd like to move into some thrash, but the transition to there from where I'm at is a little beyond me at this point.

The RSE should be set to where it sounds alot better than the MIDI.
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I'd love to help, but it tells me I need a newer version of GP.
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You could go back to the first riff with the arpeggio play that for a while again then the you strum the D minor at the 13 14 15 thing you should if you want it thrashy to some kind of blistering fast galloping powerchord riff thingy
great potential to this...
but i think maybe instead of repeating 4 times on the acoustic, u should repeat it twice and add it a distortion, and then, return to clean guitars...