so i was at this bar last night right, having a fully sweet time when this kind of bulky chick walked up and started flirting with me, i was pretty smashed at the time but i was good to go with this broad, so we went back to her house, at the time i thought it was her house, anyway so we started going at it soon as we walked through the door, she's unhooking her bra, im taking off my vintage scooby doo underwear and bam! 40 minutes of satisfaction was right in my grasp, getting hotter and hotter bythe second, rocking back and forth exct exct.. so by the end of it.. i was fairly out of it so i just fell asleep in her juicy meaty arms, anyway so i woke up today in my sisters bed and at first i was thinking how the **** did i get here, then i feel my sister holding on to my man meat so i was like WHUT THE SHIZZLE? .. she gets up and tells me that we were both horny as **** last night and we ****ed each others brains out... i couldnt believe it.. im still in shock as i write this.. also im having errictile problems, the only women who can ''do it'' for me right now is my overweight sister... i am a very confused 27 year old right now...
I call some serious shenanigans on this one, you sketchy shenaniganer.
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I used to hate chavs until my sister got a smack in the mouth from one. Now I love them.