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54 61%
35 39%
Voters: 89.
I find that using my hand is a lot more rhythmic
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i chose pick, i rarely play without one...
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Hands hands down.

Seriously, feels more rhythmical to me.
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Both...will often play with a pick in my mouth so i can swap...although that is more on electric
For strumming, picks for sure. I use really thick ones too. Up to 3mm picks(absolutely no give). I find that they have a lot more tone to give than thin picks(although there's a definite place and time for thinner picks as well).
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I like to use a mixture on acoustic. You have a lot more control using your hands, but picks are so much better for strumming, for me anyway.
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I strum with the hand sometimes using the thumbnail on the up and fingernails on the down...usually if doing a lot of muting
i started playing with my fingers cause i play piano first, and i'm still better with my fingers, i use my pick more just cause i know i have to get better at it.
I prefer hands if I dont need the projection as there a lot less restrictive I find.

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hands, though I'm not very good with a pick, I do have picks but I would only use them in songs where its all strumming, and little picking work. Like Green days 'time of your life' and Blink 182's 'dammit'
Well, i player fingerpicking, and while using your fingers doesnt make the notes as pronounced, it keeps the attack lower, and you dont want high attack for delta, lol.
Strumming, I USUALLY use a pick, unless it's in a song that I've been fingerpicking a lot in, or that you need to fingerpick. A lot of Jack Johnson songs are like that, and I've really been loving playing Jack Johnson lately His songs are really fun to play
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always with pick because i bite my nails and playing with flesh doesnt get very good reponse from steel strings
it sucks cuz i learned on a classical and so now i rarely get to show off my finger skillzes ):

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if it's just pure strumming, i also think playing with hands is more rythmic. it allows you to get a wider variety of sounds, and you can do a lot of different mutes and slaps.....definitely wears on the fingers though, and it can start to hurt.......
i've been finger picking a lot more as of late; but when strumming i'll use a pick. I need to stop biting my nails aswell so i can strum with them (i've had that bad habit for about 22 years now).
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I started off with a pick, unless i was fingerpicking, then i put the pick in my mouth. When i started singing it became a hassle to switch back and forth so now i just use the hand.
I use my long nails, but I also use a thumbpick.

So it's like, I have a pick and a hand. It's a two in one thing for me.
I can strum faster without a pick
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for strumming chords i pretty much always use a pick
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I started off with a pick, unless i was fingerpicking, then i put the pick in my mouth.

Yeah, this is what I do, though I've been doing a ton of fingerpicking lately, meaning, I always have my pick in my mouth.
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classical guitar or bass I'm using my fingers.
I prefer the sound.

But electric or acoustic I'm using a pick 99% of the time
If the song is mostly fingerpicked, then I play the whole thing sans pick - otherwise I use a pick.

I also use hybrid picking pretty often.

So, I guess you could say it depends on the song.

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I use a thumbpick, +fingernail for fingerpicking. On acoustic/classical, I use the fingernail as a pick, and sometimes on electric too.
Hands, you have far more control over what you want to hit and how you want to hit it, but you dont get the clear sound of a pick, I have to admit.