okie,so a guitar shop is having it sale right now.
and i'm eyeing on either one of these 2 pedals.
yes,i know i should try them first but i need feedbacks.
so anione have any feedbacks on them?
I don't suggest you to go with the line 6 floorpod because is way too digital and i don't think it has a decent wah...AX3000G has loop and the ESS that rocks...

I own the AX3000G and its a very good multiFX. You can do nearly everything you want to do, and IMO it doesnt sound too digital. And if you have a decent amp, just bypass the ampmodels and cabmodels, and youre fine with lots of good FX. The FX are not as good as from highend MFX or Highend Stompboxes, but there are as good as the pedals you can get for the money. Plus you can make really crazy things with the ESS and the Expression. Btw, if you have enough money, just buy a Volumepedal so that you can use the pedal of the AX only for Expression.
Cant say much about the Floorpod, but i'd go for the AX...
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budget is between 200 to 280
&i mostly play post-hardcore and metal
Also try the RP500, awsome..

you can use it as multifx but also like a pedalboard and you can switch between 40 pedalbords...