ok so i need a new amp i play mostly metal/hardcore music carpathian,IKTPQ parkway, break even etc.

befor you say anything i can NOT get a 5150 in my area they are impossible to find here.

I'd also prefer SS.

my budget is around $800aud

i've been thinking about a roland cube 60, peavey bandit 112 or hughes and kettner 60w blue edition.
id trade my wife before i'd trade my gih-tah!
Go for the H&K... If you prefer SS, have a look at the H&K Attax, altough i dont know if its available in Australia...
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ok does the bugera have a decent clean as well? because my dad's going to be playing it too and he plays more blues kind of music.

unfortuneately no one in my area stocks the kustom amps and the attax havent been released in Australia.

I also have some options in randall amps but i heard the cleans arent real good on them.

thanks for your help so far
id trade my wife before i'd trade my gih-tah!