Hi all,

I just bought a second hand TSL122 and it sounds incredible. Although there's an annoying shaking-like noise noticable on the clean and crunch channels when turned on even only at 1, which is actually pretty loud in a small room! It probably happens on lead too, but you can't hear it.

The noise is like when you've got a broken filament lightbulb and you shake it around to get that faint rattle sound. When I play any note the vibrations of the amp seem to cause it to happen, and it's noticeable enough to distract from the playing.

Other than that the amp seems to be nice, crisp and quiet.

I just read somewhere that it might be the spring, or spring casing, touching the glass? I don't know a terrific amount about valve amps as this is my first, so does anyone have an idea about what it might be or how it could be stopped?

Sounds like it's the spring reverb possibly. Check that out 1st, then try changing the tubes if that doesn't work.
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If I tap the top of the amp (with it switched off) I can hear it rattling near the top, sounds like one of the valves on the left hand side. I haven't physically looked inside yet, as I don't want to break anything! but is it likely that one of the valves could be loose in their holders? or would it more likely be something inside the valve's tube?

They were apparently replaced in June, so they aren't overly old. And the amp sounds fine, so I'm guessing the valves are OK.. and it could be just a connection?