when shredding:

I heard MAB and some other fast guitarists say that when one does alternate picking it is ALWAYS down up down up...

so a run would look like this




now that works obviously perfectly well, but does it mean it is wrong if some one does this:



I play the second way and it doesnt hurt me or affect me (i think) and it seems to be more economical.

what are your opinions?
I think what they mean is; you don't play "DownDownDownDownDown" or "UpUpUpUpUp", but you have to alternate... updownupdownupdown and downupdownupdownup are pretty much the same I guess

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strict alternate picking is down-up-down-up.

what you are doing is known as economy picking. it's fine. but it's not strictly alternate picking. MAB (and most guitar teachers) would probably suggest you practise both.