Okay so i just picked up my first guitar now im a complete beginner and ive already purchased the progressive guitar method for beginners book and im wondering whether its worth investing in a beginners instructional dvd or is the stuff that they have in the lessons section of ug more than suffice?

I plan to get lessons once i can start getting more money coming in just wondering whats the best way to go till then.
i would actually recommend just learning some simple songs from tabs that you like to begin with, itl keep you interested so you dont get bogged down with guitar techniques etc. I also think that free lessons on the web should suffice

EDIT: definatley try and get lessons, they will help you so much more than a book or DVD
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I learned by teaching myself and playing with others if you have a friend that plays invite them over and have them show you some stuff we had a club in junior high/middle school whatever you want to call it and everyone brought their guitars on Thursday and played for about an hour thats where I learned most of the basics but good luck, and if you need help in the future you can message me and welcome to UG
Yeah now that uni is finished i can start working to afford some lessons just gotta make do in the meantime i guess ... therealtater cheers only thing that sucks is most of my friends are all aspiring djs no one plays guitar :-/