Hi there, I'm selling an ESP horizon FR-II. The colour is Black Aqua. It comes with an original ESP hardcase. There is a very small mark on the body, but you have to look for it to see it (see photo below). Otherwise, it is in mint condition. I'm located in Perth, Australia. I will ship worldwide. I can put it up on ebay if you request it for safety reasons etc. Feel free to request High-res photos of specific parts, aswell as videos if you want. Contact me for a shipping estimate (please give me your location details such as postcode, surburb, state, country).

The colour is a little different in real life to the photos below. I tried two cameras, both with flash on and off, and both produced the same colour. This photo I found on the net in the following link is a better representation of the true colour.


Here are the photos.

thats a beautiful guitar
but i guess you wouldnt be accepting anything around 500GBP so that counts me out
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Using Packsend, shipping to england would be approximately $300 AUD and full insurance would be an extra $60 AUD. If you can find a cheaper courier then I'll be happy to use them. I've searched around just using google and haven't had much luck.