Hi everyone,

I bought an Ibanez RGT42 pretty cheap, used, but in really good condition, it was a spur-of-the moment thing. It was my first FR guitar, so I didn't really realize that playing with drop tunings on it would be a pain in the ass. My first question is do you have to get it set up for individual drop tunings (i.e. drop C), or can you mess with it on your own (I've seen some methods of doing this on the net, blocking the bridge, seems a little sketchy). Second, should I sell this guitar? I'm really finding I'm not playing it a lot because I can't quickly tune to drop tunings, so I'm thinking a fixed bridge RG or Jackson or something like that might make more sense.

Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!!
I have the same and did the same thing, luckily i have another guitar for standard tuning. I have my RG set up for Drop D and i just keep it like that. You can only use it for one tuning really.
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I'd honestly get rid of it - you don't have to take it to get set up to change tunings, after all the guy in the shop can't do anything you can't do yourself.

However, it does need to be set up for different tunings. Even switching from E standard to Drop D will send all the other strings out of tune and require a tweak of the trem springs to keep the bridge level. Anything more drastic than that and you're looking at a fair bit of work to get the bridge back level and everything in tune, 20 minutes minimum for an experienced Floyd user with great ears, but for someone who's not used to them and also isn't great at recognising pitches by ear it could easily be a couple of hours.

There's also the tension issue, a Floyd needs a certain amount of tension to hold tuning and function correctly...too little and the bridge becomes unstable and wobbles about all over the place, too much and the trem becomes unusable. That limits the range of tunings you can use with one gauge of strings. They work best with 9's in standard, and I personally wouldn't go past tuning to Eb, anything more than that and you'd want to be looking at heavier strings to maintain tension.
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If you like the guitar I would keep it, but you really can't change tunings on a FR guitar on the fly. So if I were you, I'd buy another guitar to change tuning on and leave the FR in one tuning, or just sell it all together and buy a nicer fixed-bridge guitar. As for your other question, you can set your guitar up yourself pretty easily, you will have to adjust the springs in the rear of the guitar if you play in drop tunings.