I got this amp for $45 yesterday. It seemed that the volume pot was bad and I took it apart and cleaned it and now it works fine. However, the amp sort of fades in and out. For about the first 10 minutes it is pretty good, but then it gets progressively worse. While it is getting worse, if I strum, it will not give any sound but if I pluck a string it will. After about 10-15 minutes there is nothing for several minutes before it will give a sound for a second and then go away. the power stays on and does not fluctuate.

I searched but could not find any answer on this forum.

Before the flames start, I am not a bass player, I'm a converted drummer who is now playing guitar and I picked up a Yamaha BB300 bass for $25 and needed an amp. I know there are a lot of Crate haters out there. Please stay I am not going to gig with it. I just wanted something to have fun with. I can repair just about anything but I am unfamiliar with bass amps. The most I have found so far is that Crate (or whatever parent company owned it in 1989 when this amp was made) didn't use enough solder on the circuit board. I will be checking all the contacts later today for cracks. i also have not yet checked the speaker wires but since they work fine for 10-15 minutes I doubt they are the problem (I will be checking them today as well).

What I would really like to know is if someone KNOWS of a common problem and what the specific repair is. It seems that there a several people who have had this similar problem with their Crate bass amps but I have yet to find THE solution (i.e. capacitor x goes bad and needs to be replaced, etc...)

Thanks for any help