could somebody who records on audacity please post theyre save file (as in the project before you finalise it or whatnot) on here so i can basically get the general idea. ive been having a lot of problems with audacity and i would love to be able to see what its actually meant to look like.

as many replies as possible would be great.

also a good way to advertise your song!

i listen to just about all types of music so if you want me to id be happy to critic (is that how you spell it??, review in other words) it for you...

thnx heaps
Its not as simple as that mate, if you're saving it as a /aup (Audacity project file) thats only really the raw data to tell the program where all the files go - theres alot of other audio files saved into a folder that holds all the real data for the music. Someone would have to .zip all of this, not just the file.



If I were you TS, if youre serious about recording id invest in some recording software.

Theres tons of programs out there and most companys have tutorial vids on the net for you to watch and learn.

If youre thinking 'welz i dohn haves moneys' and that the programs are super expensive. Thats where your wrong my friend. You can get a fairly good external soundcare (line6 tone ports) and basic recording program for under £130.95.

Christmas is coming up soon...
yea i agree...i used audacity for a while and it flat out blows. haha. Ask for even a gift card to somewhere and get a diff program..hehehe... I can't remember how i used to save em but i believe if i wanted to work on it again i would just save it in the program as w/e it co mes up as, .aup i believe. If when it was done...I would export as a wav or mp3 in the lil drop-down.