Not like anybody cares, but I found out that I'm holding the pick completely wrong. Normally when I pick I slant the pick upwards toward my body and hold it between my thumb and index finger, grabbing it directly behind it on the meat of my fingertips, but it causes me to stretch to hit the strings, rather than moving my wrist.

I was poking around online for some guitar tutorials and found this "how to hold the pick" website. Since I have never had a formal teacher, this came as quite a shock. Now I'm holding the pick against my index knuckle and thumb. This allows my WRIST to move across the bridge to hit notes, rather than moving my hand.

It's funny because I've always hated the guitar because I could never get good at it, and I could NEVER build speed no matter how hard I tried. Switching over to this new position made it one hell of a lot easier, and I have already gotten faster (it's amazing!).

I just can't believe I picked up the wrong way to hold the pick in the first place. What was I thinking?

Now I can practice and it will make a difference. If anyone's still reading this, rock on!

Guitar rules!
Yeah that kinda thing can happen without someone to show you how.

At least your not as bad as the guy in The Pit who thought the toilet bowl was an armrest!
that happened to me at the beggining
i was holding the pick like you
but at one month i learned to hold it like its supposed to do
and now im playing almost everything that i like
i still cant play Dream Theater so good
there is no right or wrong way to hold a pick its what ever is comfy for you. theres a suggested way that helps with techniques but its not considered the only right way to hold a pick.
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Wow. That's pretty awkward. My instructor taught me to hold it between the thumb and index finger and I have no issues playing fast. I found the website you mentioned and tried it that way. Sounds like I've only been playing a month or two using this method. I guess it's a matter of personal preference. One can find websites supporting both methods, so I guess it all depends on which method works best for you.
If you watch youtube videos you generally get the idea quicker
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