Not bad, practice some more on the phrasing on the lyrics. Your singing seems a little off key from your playing. It's a faster up tempo song.
Everyone has been doing this song lately. It's a good song though :P

Guitar sounds great. It might just be my speakers but needs a bit more bass with the palm mutes. It's probably the streaming though. Your voice sounds great too. As mayo said practice a bit with the phrasing. Overall though it's pretty solid

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A lot of pros do that: if they play a wrong note, they'll hit it again to make it look as if it's intentional. It's called "jazz", aparently.
Thaks everyone, I have decided to go unplugged and polish my vocals so the tracks should get better I hope!! Rock On!
Post it up again, if you feel you did better on a newer/different recording.
great guitar vocals needs a lil work...i would luv to do this song bt i just cant get the palm muting rite
Pretty good man..

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hey man good job. guitars great, vocals like said need a bit of work but definitely doable with your voice. i wish ya luck keep it up