Buying my first guitar pedal soon and i just want to know what is a good distortion pedal is. I'm up for paying £40 / $70 . I love metallica and what something that can give me something that sounds like them
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i think that a Boss Metal Zone
i dont know the prices in USA, im from Chile
but i think that if its your first pedal, its good enough
What amp do you have? You'd probably be best off putting that money towards a better one.
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get a Boss Metal Zone, that'l be my next pedal i'm getting,
it's only 100$ here in Canada, so it's probably cheaper in USA
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i think that a Boss Metal Zone

No, the Metal Core and the Metal Zone are seperate pedals, the Metal Core being much better.

I recommend the BOSS Metal Core or an EHX Metal Muff.
Metal pedals sound like ****. No metal band actually uses metal pedals. The only people that use metal pedals are the 12 year olds in their room that are like "ZOMG A7X IS SO C00L!"

90% of the time the distortion is gonna come from the amp. However, if you want a pedal with some balls but sounds good too try this out.