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Hey, felt I just had to write something like this, it includes heavy dissonance and influences from The Dillinger Escape Plan for a few parts. I did include a more melodic chorus so its not totally dissonant, I do think the ending was a bit abrupt and I need opinions. Other than that, leave any comments or critism as long it remains about this genre of this music.
Veil over anger.zip
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I disagree, i think this song is pretty good.

The only thing was that i thought the interlude didnt fit(it might fit more with vocals or something) and i think the outro would have been better without you hitting the chord at the end, and if you kept that falling note going.
I like the chorus (especially the clean arpeggio) but not the rest of the song.
Aha, I was expectign mixed opinions, hence why I put the clean bit in so I wouldn't get the crap flamed outta' me, with people claiming I write crappy music but tbh I was expecting it as some people aren't as versatile I guess. Like I said, I just wanted to do something a bit different.

EDIT: I'm assuming people who don't leave a reason why the dislike certain parts or the song just don't like the type of music which I don't mind about. Or it may be that I've not done it very well, hey you tell me.
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Hey man great work.

The verses were great for me, i loved them. But as mentioned before the interlude just didn't fit, but I soon forgot about it after I heard the sweet ass chorus after it. But change that up and it be awesome.

Also great changes in time signatures, I barely noticed.

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