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19 86%
Voters: 22.
Don't have don't wear.


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is this a high school class ring?

honestly, a waste of money in my opinion. i remember high school for the memories, and tangibly with my letterman jacket (which was free [yay booster clubs!]).

although, i know some people wear them, while some put them up.
i wear mine, but it broke yesterday, kinda ironic, i graduate, it starts to break
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What is it? Graduation memento ring kinda deal?
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I wore mine for like 2 years. Now it kinda sits in its case. Same will probably happen with my college ring.
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when i get mine ill be wearing it (sometime in march i think), its pretty common here to see people who put their ring on their key ring so they dont loose it but technically "wear" it.
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i don't like rings on my fingers. they end up getting stuck or just being plain annoying.

so i dont have one.
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