I know it's a simple song, but this is my first recording and I was wondering what everyone thought. Any feed back on ways to improve recording quality would be nice. I recorded this through a microphone installed in my laptop onto Audacity. The song is in my profile.

There are two guitar parts, and each was recorded separately.
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That was actually really relaxing, i liked the tone greatly.
The tone used by Trivium's is terrible.
The timing and rythym of each part was great.
the clean with reverb was totally relaxing.

Thanks for the earlier crit, and well done
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Hey domino! I've never heard this song before so I had to check out the original before critiquing it. I must say, even though the recording quality isn't the greatest, your version is a million times better than the original. The guitar tone (as Guitarplaya27 said) is terrible. Your version as much more soothing and much easier on the ear than Trivium. You've got some good guitar chops. Let us know when you post more.

And thanks for taking the time to listen to my nirvana cover. I appreciate it a lot!