Brand : Jackson
Model : DXMG
Pickups : Stock EMG HZ both humbucker style in neck and bridge
Floyd Rose : Jackson Licensed Parts
Amp : Vox 15W Valvetronix

Now i know the sound issue is probably because of my amp, BUT when i first bought my guitar I didn't know ANYTHING like how to even hold it and i went into a store and asked a guy to demo it infront of me and that was the only guitar i asked because of the brand, I expected it to be good.

Now that I've been playing for 5-6 months I realize i can't play chords on this as good as i want to and for solos if i want the strat single coil sound well that's hard to do. Should I trade this guitar in for a Strat (MIM) if yes will i still be able to play heavy distortion palm muted metal?

Or should I swap the pickups? If yes with what?

Music I like :
Pink Floyd - Time
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Hendrix - Little Wing
In Flames - The Hive
Tool - Vicarious

That should give you an idea of what kind of sounds i want.

Lastly if i do get a strat, when i do drop tunings do i have to readjust the tremolo springs? Are the strat tremolos similar to Floyds?
No, you wont be able to do metal very good on a strat unless you get a fat strat and swap the humbucker.
And as for the tremelo, most people who have strats dont use them alot because they go out of tune easily because they dont lock, but yes you will have to adjust or add a spring. Also youll have to re-intonate your guitar for a heavier gauge/ drop tunning.
I suggest if you play metal alot or drop down below D, you should have 2 guitars.
! stuck in the drop tunning and one in E standard.

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Get it resetup, but replace the pickups with EMG-81TW and EMG-89, the HZ Passive series sucks.
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