I'm at the clearcoating stage of my body painting project. My question is ideally how long should I wait after I have applied my final coat? I could not get a clear awnser on the sticky. I've heard that lauquers and nitos can take months to cure. What about Krylon Crystal Clear Enamal? I expect atleast 2 weeks but i want to hear you guys who have done it before so i don't ruin the finish due ti ignorance.
Don't use Krylon. It'll look like crap. Do you want it to look like a piece of lawn furniture? It's true that Nitrocellulose can take a long time to cure. Lacquer will take some time, too, but not as long as Nitro. Both give very nice results, but you'll need something to buff out the finish. Pro builders use large buffing wheels and compound.
Get something like this.

2K Clear Lacquer Spray

It will cure ro9ck hard in 24 hours ish, so no waiting as you do with Nitro and Acryllic.

It's the same as they use on cars, but you don't need a compressor etc.

You will need a decent respirator and ventilation though.