I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra, Cherry Sunburst, that I'm looking to sell.

I got this brand new at christmas last year and I never played it. Great condition, pics will be added later.

I'm asking $450 + shipping and I'll throw in the case.

If your intested pm me your cell number and I'll follow up with a call asap.
I meant thats where I'm selling it, I'm not looking to ship internationally. Sorry for the confusion.
alright, cool man. i just noticed that cause a lot of craiglists/ebay users have similar looking titles, only to advertise an epi special II or something similar, and i was hoping one of those people didnt poke their little scamming heads on here. other than that it seems like a good deal, but i'm not in the market for a guitar right now.
I have an Epiphone Deluxe G-400 in vintage sunburst flametop, near-perfect condition, just one small scratch on the bottom cutaway (you have to look for it to find it) and pick marks on the pickguard. Interested in a trade?
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Sounds great
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