When I play legato my hammer-ons and pull-offs aren't that loud so I turn it up real loud. Does everybody do this or should I practice quiter?
Develop strength in the left hand to be able to match the volume of picked notes. Don't begin to develop bad habits, they're usually hard to get rid of.

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If you want your pull-offs too sound louder then pull your finger off the string (Hence a "pull-off") with a bit of force and it should be at the same volume. Don't just lift your finger off because thats when your notes will be quieter.
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Just develop strenght in ur left hand fingers. It will come with time.

You also have to develop calouses, cause soft tissue(on ur fingertips) will dampen the string more, while calouses make it hard and will make the sound more direct.

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Turning up the volume is putting your head in the sand. It can be hard at times to accept this, but your problems with playing guitar will not go away. Do legato exercises, and concentrate on building strength.