Yeah so i have the following to get rid of:

Mesa/Boogie Triaxis midi controllable pre-amp (new mesa tubes)

Mesa/Boogie Fifty/Fifty stereo (new mesa tubes)

t.c. electronic G-Major effects processor

Korg DTR-1000 rack tuner

ART PB 4x4 rack mounted power base

ART x-15 Ultrafoot midi controller

Peavey 5150 4x12 slant

all of the following have never gigged, and are in VERY VERY Good condition. I absolutely love this rig it sounds amazing, but i am very behind on bills and sadly have to get rid of it. Im going to post pictures in a few minutes let me know if you see anything you like...
Where are you located?

How much are you thinking for each of these? $ / £ / €
i am in augusta, ga. Ill ship wherever, but obviously the buyer covers all shipping costs and ill let the 5150 go for $300.
500 U$S for everything!

good luck selling them!

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How much for rack tuner and 50/50? PM me
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