Hey guys,

After using direct input for a while i feel its time to use my amp for the best tone possible on a budget.

I have a M-audio fast track at the moment.

I was looking at
- Samson Q7 dynamic mic after reading abou it in the sticky it seem like what i want.
Im also going to need an xlr cable
These two together = £41 which is relatively cheap, but now i need a stand.

When im recording with my amp i wont need that tall a mic stand, right?
And if im putting the stand on carpet, will the stand need to have a heavy base to keep it stable?
And is there anything else im missing?
Thanks very much
Don't skimp on the XLR mic cable. Cheap ones introduce all sorts of hum into your signal. Also, have a look at the Shure 58. It's a great mic for vocals.