Does this happen to anyone else?

in the way that sometimes you just turn on and plug in and it sounds bad compared to the last time you were playing and vice versa.
I have turned on my amp sometimes, and I just can't be satisfied with it. Other days, I'm very happy with my tone. I think maybe it has more to do with me than my amp, though...
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i dont know about you but sometimes my ears have 'off days' like i won't be able to tune by ear because i just can't hear it.
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I have turned on my amp sometimes, and I just can't be satisfied with it. Other days, I'm very happy with my tone. I think maybe it has more to do with me than my amp, though...

What he said...

Sometimes it drives me mad and then the next day I turn it on and it's awesome from the word go.
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i think its more psychological:
say you have an awesome day were u sound great and then the next time u plug in and ur not warmed up and it sounds like crap compared to what you remember and then the next time u plug it you sound great because you remember that u sounded like crap the day before or w/e
I get it, although often it's to do with the guitar i plug in. sometimes humbuckers just sound dreadful through my Laney VC30, compared to single coils, and they are so uninspiring - i guess the shimmering treble side of a guitars tone hits the spot, for me, and humbuckers seem to lack that shimmering tone.
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Had it this morning....

"(#$*^&!!! It sounds like piss!"

turn it off for a few hours, try again....

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This is something that happens to me every other day, even though I have all high end gear.
I can play on some settings, really dig the tone 100% and play untill I go to bed.
When I wake up and turn it on, it sounds completely different.
Strange indeed.
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haha...i have this...i play and it sounds awesome and i think "oh i m keeping this setting for sure" and next day it sounds like crap but yeah i have a rule that it has to sound like crap 3 days in a row for me to change the settings
I get this but not very often. Sometimes it's just because my guitar switched pickups when I put it back in its case, other times I swear I can't get a good sound out of my gear.
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it has alot to do with the master volume...for instance other settings sound good at 15% of the way and others at 20% of the way...usually the higher the better
Some days my amp sounds way to bright and harsh for me, and other days it seems just fine. So yeah, I know what you mean.
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There are days when I play and I thinks it's great and there are other days I hate it so bad I consider selling everything and giving up on guitar. Then I'll play a different day and I'll be happy I've still got my gear. But there are days I just wanna smash my guitar though.
sounds like its a pretty common problem...

also i think it has to do with the position your sitting in while playing, if your off to the side of the amp it usualy sounds more mid -y and bass-y and if your above or infront of the amp it sounds more treble-y