Depends on what your after in a guitar

If you are into Hard Rock/Metal and want to play it this guitar is perfect. I prefer this over the Floyd Rose model because i don't like the FR.

If you have the correct budget and want it i would go for it
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c-1 what...plus, classic, blackjack, what?

I have only played a Classic and Plus...the Plus is ****ing amazing. best feeling guitar I have ever played...which is why I bought it. The classic looked good, but I don't remember much about the feel.
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that I beleive is the C-1...I didn't even know there was 'just' a C-1...I assumed there was always a word or something after...good guitars either way
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
Like I said in the other thread. I have the C-1+ and after 4 years it is still my main guitar. If I won the lottery and could get any guitar in the world I would still play this as my main axe.
try other schecters as well
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Just played Schecter C-1 classic yesterday. I want it soo bad. The neck felt comfy and it sounded really nice. And also it's dead sexy.
have a c1 hellraiser...very ncie guitar...shame the battery for actives has died...i will replace..but gives me chances to play my others..
none compare tho..