So I went and bought an Epiphone SG Special as my first electric. >.>

I'm cheap, get over it.

Anyway, It isn't as bad as I first expected, and I think I'll be fine with it for a good while. The only problem I have with it are the crappy pickups and the strings that came with it are a little weird. Could someone give me the least expensive suggestions they can come up with for new pickups and such? I really don't know what prices I would be looking at here.

Also, how much would it cost to install said pickups, or should I attempt to do it myself?
You're problem isn't crappy pickups, it'll either be a crappy amp or crappy technique.

There's simply no way you're going to be able to asses the qualities of pickups yet, it takes a fair while for your ears to become that sensitive to be able to quantify stuff like that.

Spend more time learning to play and learning to use the amp and less time filling your brain up with knowledge that you don't need yet. You only *think* you need to change pickups because you've read or heard about other people doing it...it's simply not an issue this early on.
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You're problem isn't crappy pickups, it'll be a crappy amp.

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New pickups would cost as much as the guitar itself or maybe even more.
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yea then rather get a new guitar, but take some time learning to play frist man u dont need new pickups.
an sg special is a great first guitar just enjoy what you have. in a year or two if your dead set on switching out the pickups you should do it.