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Midnight Gay [Dark Gay]
2 33%
The First Gay [Sienna]
4 67%
Voters: 6.
sorry it took me so long to get this up (that's what she said).
again, this is a three day poll for three points.
I like both pieces quite a bit, which is a plus.

Midnight Wishes

I wish I could climb to the sky on a rope,
if I was strong enough to hold on to it.

I wish I could cry in the sky
tears that would only rain in your heart.

I wish I could tie that rope to your heart
and strangle it onto me,
if only you were strong enough to survive;
and only if you were strong enough to survive,
I wish you could fly into the sky
with the wings I ripped from you;
scarring you for the lives we’ll never have.

I wish I would ride inside your head
in a mystical creature you created
in the beauty of your conscience.

I dreamt that in the sky
there was nothing but gas and gravity,
and we would have a place for ourselves
with lower standards than infinity.

I wish it would be possible
to stop fantasising love
as an utopian state of mind.

But my mind says:

"I wish you would stop saying all these things,
thinking before saying and saying correctly"

I say my mind’s not complex enough
to know the emotions of a soul
that I don’t even have a hint
if it exists or not.

I wish I could be a clairvoyant
so I could see the future
and my spirit tore apart;
then I would stop wishing for things
as impossible as you and me.

the first snow

“you know
the snow
the time
coarse ground
soft sky
blue cloud
green shroud
last hope
first love
merge fast
one dove
white coat
fresh flake
world’s throat
catch quick
one fleck
feels cold
melts fast
turns warm
meets blood
beats slow
last hope
first love
the snow”

the snow
she’s close
head held
breast soft
no need
no want
her lungs
breathe in
breathe out
breathe in
the lift
the fall
coarse ground
soft sky
the snow
heart slow
too fast
you know
I'm really not sure, ya know? both were really different styles,
the first was a bit generic in some places (no offense intended at all) but had a pretty strong theme, the second had an interesting style but i'm not taking too much from it and some of the rhythm felt off.
I'll come back and vote I think later.
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