do you use your pinky as a stand when you play lead? like playing fingerstyle but picking.

I use my pinky as a stand so I don't get lost
is this alright? or a bad practice?
You mean anchoring?
It's bad.
Try not to do it.
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You mean anchoring?
It's bad.
Try not to do it.

yeah that's what i meant..

really?.. hmm so is there any technique to not get lost picking?
It's likely that the guitarist you saw was actually muting strings with his right hand rather than anchoring. I recommend you read the link and watch the video in the link that whichonespink posted. It's very good and Freepower knows what he is talking about.
Anchoring will generally limit your range of movement in the picking hand. That's pretty much why you shouldn't do it. I'll admit that I do it myself, but I play fingerstyle acoustic, so it's not as much of a hindrance to me. In fingerstyle, I have all five of my fingers to cover the range of 6 strings. With picking, you usually only use one pick to cover the range of all 6 strings(unless you use hybrid picking).
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so it's really just hanging the hand?.. nowhere to rest? I saw some guitarists play lead and it looks like they rest on the back of the bridge. or it's just another bad practice?

Read this: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=974860

Once you've read it you should understand exactly what anchoring is and why it's bad. Just touching your guitar isn't neccesarily anchoring.
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There are several schools of thought on anchoring. A lot of players, even professionals, anchor to give themselves what they feel is stability. However, when you make part of your hand rigid like that, you're tensing muscle groups and limiting how quickly/fluidly your hand is able to move.

Use the searchbar at the top and type 'anchoring'. There have been numerous threads on the topic and they almost always end up in an argument
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