Alright, so I'm looking to replace the pickups in my Ibanez S520EX. I just find my tone lacking a bit, and I'm fairly confident it's not my amp. I play through a Randall RH50T all tube head and an Ibanez cab that I'm putting V30's in.
But my question is, what pickups would suit me best? Right now I'm deciding between EMG 81+60 with the 18v mod, SD Blackouts, or maybe a JB+'59 combo.
I play pretty much only metal on it, kept in drop C, with my SG in other tunings.
Think As I Lay Dying, Destroy The Runner, In Flames, Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, etc.
Any ideas?
This is our last chance.
EMG 81/85 combo - not versatile, but great for metal
JB/'59 Very versatile. Awesome at classic rock and blues.
Blackouts - like EMGs but not authentic. Kind of like Edge Pros versus OFRs.

I'd suggest Bare Knuckle War Pigs for you. If you can't stretch that far, the EMGs are pretty good. Alternatively, DiMarzio D-Activators will give you a pseudo EMG sound with a passive pickups.
Bare knuckle Warpigs = YES. I'm getting a pair myself :P
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If you're going for metal, try something other than the jb/59 combo. i have a jackson with that combo, and plan on changing the pickups out. maybe you should try the blackouts metal pickups, or the regular blackouts, both with the 18v mod.
As soon as I posted, I knew I'd get replies saying something about BK pups. I've heard many great things, so I guess it won't hurt to take a look into them.
This is our last chance.
What wood is your guitar's body made from?

Generally, for the neck position a PAF Pro works brilliantly in most guitars.
For your bridge, maybe something like a Super Distortion.