Are the world’s listeners too conservative in their tastes and exploration of musical


Are the world’s listeners too conservative in their tastes and exploration of musical styles? Do too many people satisfy themselves with what’s in the charts and look no further? Would masses of people find something they truly enjoyed if they looked further a field?

Let me start off by explaining about myself. From my limited years of musical critique and listening, I have developed a concise yet varied repertoire of genres that I know I enjoy thoroughly. Most are unrelated to each other, but on the whole all are distant from typical tastes of someone of my generation.
From the aural adrenaline rush and crushing power of thrash metal, to the raw emotion and melodic natures of blues, from the organic and rounded listening experience of classic rock, to the energy and tempos of Drum N Bass, you notice little in common of these musical genres, but one thing does unite them all, they are on my mp3 player, in my head, on my play-lists.

I get a kick out of listening to this music, I really enjoy it. But how would I know if I had looked no further than the sometimes-mediocre land of chart music. Everybody knows the song that’s at no1, but does the amount of people who buy chart music it truly like it?

I suspect they are accepting, or in extreme cases putting up with mainstream pop music because they don’t know any different. Would they benefit from discovering other music? Would they prefer it or is it that they do prefer pop music?

I believe the answer to many of these questions is an unfortunate one, and that far too many people are going with the flow- to their own detriment. To find a genre that is absolutely “your thing” will benefit for the rest of your life. People need to open their eyes, broaden their horizons.

If you suspect you are one of the said people, then I thoroughly urge you to expand your listening in search for your music Mecca. I’m not at all suggesting that everyone out there suddenly starts listening to every type of music under the sun forever, but to temporarily spread out your listening in order to discover something new is a great way to freshen and add some spark to your tastes.

Maybe I just don’t like pop and the reason the songs that are at #1 are there because they are that good, and I just don’t like them. If that is the case, excellent, but I have other suspicions.

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It's like with any opinion. Music that leans strongly in a certain direction will only appeal to people whose tastes lean in the same direction. For that reason, pop music is fairly neutral, as it should in theory appeal to everyone.

There's a good reason why not everyone likes death metal.
theres a reason why most stores and places play pop like music, because it is, in theory supposed to be neutral
IF you go into say, a jewlry store and they are playing death metal, would you be inclined to buy a piece of jewelry?
i like death metal and i wouldnt

but yes, people gobble up everything they put on the music charts
I'm bored of people posting things about how they want peoples taste in music to be more eclectic and adventurous. Even if you're making a point other than posting **** you found to interest people, I still find it annoying. I listen to Kate Bush, Fear Factory, Katy Perry, Circa Survive and Leonard Cohen in one sitting. So the hell what!
Each to their own. I don't care.
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If you live in Australia, save your internet:

Mainstream music is basically offered to you on a plate. And naturally, you'll accept it. You don't need to look for it, you just need to take it and enjoy it. That's what many people do, from casual listeners to avid "music is my life" type people.

And yes, I am also annoyed at people ranting about how incredibly open minded they are. I'm closed minded because I only listen to rock and its subgenres.
I think many of the avid music listeners thinking like this are overlooking the possibility that everyone might not posses the same passion for music than them. For very large proportion of people it's mostly all the same what is playing in the background.