What do you guys think of this guitar, without the tremelo FR and in whatever colour?
For playing Rock, Hard Rock and a bit of Metal or Punk.

Schecter Omen 6

EDIT: don't be fooled by the walnut colour, it looks like this:
I have a schecter C-1+
I have had it for 4 years and gotten so attached if I won the lottery I still wouldn't buy a new guitar.
a band mate has got it.it rocks really hard for that price.i love the finish
it is very good for its price. metal is it's best, but it can play what you want very well.
anyway, i think you should try a lot of guitars (if possible try the guitars with an amp that is the same or pretty similar to yours, so what you hear is the guitar...) and then you should a pre-selection of the ones you liked the most, and then start trying to choose from there.

maybe you already have done that.

good luck!

oh yes, forgot to menmtion it, try the washburn X 50
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which would you say is better
the omen-6 or the demon?
and on the omen 6, which finish do you prefer?