Hey, I've got a problem about my band in that my bassist doesn't seem to be willing to do any challenging song that the rest of the band want to do and he seems unwilling to learn how to use a pick to play meaning we can never play faster songs (which is the genre, we're into) and I'm kinda' stuck for a choice ;

1. Continue playing easy (thus making them boring) songs for ages before he ever gets good or decides to practice.

2. Form a side band with another guitarist I know with a different line up meaning it wouldn't as bad as kicking him out.

3. Somehow convince him to learn? (unlikely)

The main problem is, I can't kick him out as we're all close friends outside of the band and he's really cool to play with but he just doesn't seem to share the same passion as me and a few of the others in the band. Suggestions?
let him play a simplified version of his part?
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Man you got to learn to separate work from frienship, the best you can do is to put him an ultimatum, either you learn, and understand the willing of the band or you are out
If you want to get anywhere with this band, leave friendships out of it, music is a business, and if you cant get anywhere with him, lay him down gently, find a bassist who shares your perspectives and is fun to be around.

Yes, poop.
either make him learn, or kick him. like someone up there said, music is a business... and friendship could be the fine line between a record deal and local band
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im in agreement with all of these ^
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oh damn, sounds exactly like me, i **** you not...
i know what ya mean, our bass player sucks total ass, and he's such a burn-out, but he's like our best friend.
the rest of us are playing a bunch of fast bad-ass songs (alot of avenged sevenfold's older stuff), but he's tryin 2 get us to play crap, like nirvana.
idk what to tell you, i have the same problem right now.
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