i want to grow my hair long. i did it once, but it was really ****t: i got it layered and after a certain time it looked like it had been dyed, and it looked pretty girly. also, my face was pretty chubby, which didn't help, but i've lost weight since then and i reckon long hair would look better on me now.

at the moment it's pretty short (a bit shorter than in my profile pics) and i would appreciate some advice on how to take care of it as it grows. so here are my questions:

when it was long, it was really frizzy at the ends. i wash it every day; should i start using any hair products (conditioner, oil to rub in, etc) now? what can you recommend?

i'm aiming for jimmy page style hair, like the following pics; any tips on how to shape it /grow it out like that?

thanks guys
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