Basically I just need advice I need to give to a guitarist about how to stay in time better as they seem to have troubles staying in time probably because they have played acoustic for a long time solo and a only a few months back learnt how to paly electric with accompaniment in our band. Anything I could do to help him?
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Yeah, tell him to get a metronome and practice playing along with it.
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learning about "pulse" will definately help , judging by your signature i would recommend getting them to learn a bit of drumming ,
starting with just one drum/cymbal
Metronome of course...but here is what YOU can do to help him. You can yell out "1" every time a new bar starts. OR you can even count out loud for him.

More importantly...tell him to start tapping his foot to the pulse. In addition to that you can even tell him to start swaying to the pulse. Like swaying back forth...1, 3...1, 3....if you're in 4/4 time of course.

If none of these help...get rid of him. It's a cold answer but that's the way it is. Hope it helps.
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Metranome will only help if you know how to use it. It will only improve your sense of time, but it cant build your sense of time. Rhythm is internal, and its as much about being in the right mental state (being into it) as practicing it.

Long story short, just get hi reall into the music, and get him to start getting his body involved
I was considering teaching him the drums (which is what I play) because I then went on to learn guitar and whatnot and I found it much easier to keep in rhythm, although this might just be natural for me or if its because I have a better sense of rhythm due to playing drums.
With my students I have them use a metronome, and then I have them count out the beat (1, 2, 3, 4, etc...) while they play the song. Also just playing along with them helps a lot.
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