After looking at some of the other Ads, I have decided an edit was in order.

Returning to playing after a bit of a break and just wondering if there is anyone out there up for a jam/online collaboration/perhaps with a view to doing some gigs further down the line and even world domination

I suppose I naturally lean more toward the blues + classic rock + folk when jamming/improvising, but when it comes to putting down tracks and writing my own stuff, then anything goes as long as I enjoy doing it.

I have a pretty good home recording setup with cubase etc and a digi drum kit (even a banjo!) , though if we do it at my place we have to use headphones cos I have 3 children. However, I can organise rehearsal space close to my home (village hall or local pub) + willing to travel if need be.

Techinal ability is not as important as feel, passion and good tracks - to give an idea in terms of guitar, someone who solos like Neil young would be preferred over someone who solos like Gilbert or Satriani - yes I said it! But then again, I don't really want to discriminate against styles here - anything goes as long as it sounds good and we enjoy doing it.

Would like to hear from anyone who would be interested.

Take a look at my profile for some (but by no means all) influences