please crit.

Seek, demise, hold the prize
We've made it and done it again
Lose yourself hopefulness
your dreams mean something again
Times have changed instantly
nothing left, the world can see
lifelessness will only begin

So now we can go through
these ages, paranoia,
hoping it all will all someday make sense
But I have broken through these chains
while the rest, the world, will fade away with it.

This word you've spoken
this interpretation
is no less than any from man
You cannot try it
for they won't deny it
And they will judge you now
because you're not one of them

(Lies, lies, lies.)
These years of my life
I've spent in hiding.
(Lies lies lies lies.)
You say for protectment
but YOU yourself are hiding too.
(Lies lies lieeeeeees!)
Show yourself for me
maybe I can believe again>