Just wondering if there's anybody from Queenstown, Newzealand who can answer me a couple questions 'cause i'm heading there for a couple weeks over christmas. Just wondering is there anything in particular i should look into doing as in anything that tourists may not be immediately aware off..?

I plan on bungy jump and some biking and anything were i can take photo's but just wondering if theres anything else.

and most importantly, since i'm from Ireland and we don't get root beer, i'm wondering is there any form of root beer available in New Zealand?

Thanks anybody who has suggestions..
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Uh I dont have any info on NZ but can you tell us why there isnt any root beer in Ireland?
Just doesn't exist. Been to America and Canada a few times after i discovered root beer for myself everytime i'm over i'm looking for some barqs or some A&W but it just doesn't exist here. there's nothing even close. although i did find a drink that was Ginger ROOT beer so i thought, 'that has to be an irish version in disguise!'.

it really really wasn't. Just fizzy ginger stuff. wierd.
whoa...02...wild. anyways, that sucks about root beer, I love it here in canada. and yeah, ginger beer is NASTY.
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dude. im from NZ been to queenstown
****ed if i know if we have root beer, never really looked

the LOTR location in the hills is pretty sweet, its like a wildlife park n ****
Not In Queenstown but you should be able to buy Root Beer (Soft drink) from the supermarket here. They generally sell singles or packs of 4 of the Bunderburg stuff. I know my corner dairy sells it but its called something else, starts with S. I don't know if we have the alcohol kind here though, I doubt it due to the general beer drinking population just wanting normal beer to drink, usually Speights in the south.

As for tourism unsure. I think they have a luge down there somewhere and there used to be an indoor and outdoor skate park round the ice skating rink. Its the extreme sports capitol of NZ though, I think. It was at any rate so lots of that kinda stuff to do.