Sigh... The end of my lurking career.

But anyways, here's the question. I'm looking for another guitar, a step up from my Fender Starcaster, but I'm kinda short on cash so... Some good guitars below $200? Maybe a little higher, but not too much.

I tend to not play heavy stuff like metal, or punk, or emo stuff. I'm down with pretty much anything else tho, so some versatility is good.

I was considering a Dean ML XM, for around $170. Haven't heard anything bad about it. But is there anything better for the price?

Decent guitars below $200?


Save up buddy, if at ALL possible.
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a strat is the only decent guitar under 200 lol you should save up another couple hundred then you can get a step up from your strat
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You better save up more money if you want a decent guitar.
ESP EC-50 is a great starter guitar, well made and infinitely playable. I swapped out the ESP pups with Duncans and ended up with a pretty solid Les copy.
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to most, they dont exist. save up.
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It won't really be a step up. $200 guitars are like flushing your money down the toilet.

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Yamaha EG-112 or Yamaha's Pacificas...

excellent value, though you may have to tune them every day...
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I have a Dean MLX and they're not too bad for $200, but I suggest that you just save up money and buy something better. I own 4 guitars that are under $200 and they've all had issues, including the dean. Save up at least $300 or $400. that way you'll get a good guitar that will sound really good with the right setup.
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Calling emo-core heavy was a good joke.
You better save up more money if you want a decent guitar.

I said or emo. Hahaha. I didn't mean to call it heavy.

I can't say I didn't expect to hear that haha. I could honestly pull together another hundred, probably wouldn't matter that much tho.

Thanks guys, looks to me like I'm pocketing the cash for now.
check out rondo music. they have pretty good selections for under 200$ and since they use better woods than most brands in that price range (real alder fro strats, mahogoney lp's etc) you can feel good about buying one now and even better about upgrading pickups or tuners down the road.
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Try this one. It's versatile and reliable and your best option in your price range. I'd stay away from dean, their beginner's guitars didn't make a good impression on me last time I tried them (though that was two years ago, so maybe I'm wrong). Gio Ibanez guitars are also a good option as long as you stay away from those with double locking tremolos.

But honestly, I'd save up if i was you, the Yamaha is considerably better than your Fender, but whether the improvement is worth the 200 bucks is a completely different matter. If you save up a hundred bucks more, you could get your hands on this:
Or this:

Both are a good bit better than the Yamaha, though you'd have to see which one you like better. If you really need a new guitar badly, I'd look for one of those on ebay.
Washburn Wi14 is a great guitar for under 200 bucks.
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you easily could find a used standard strat for 200 not too good for heavier stuff but easily an upgrade
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I think if you already have one guitar you should seriously think about just saving up for a good guitar rather than let the price hold you back. because you will prolly settle for something you dont really like. and sooner or later you are going to want a new guitar and then youll start out with $200 less to spend.
Once in a while you find a good guitar really cheap. If you're lucky it will happen before you are 50. Trouble is, you have to be older to spot those bargains. Your best bet is to acquire knowledge, look at the neglected marques from the mid-70s up and do some homework.
And keep the $200 in your pocket in case you spot a bargain (LOL I got one that way, before the other guy came back with the cash).
find one that you like on rondomusic.com...pretty good guitars...
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find one that you like on rondomusic.com...pretty good guitars...

Most reviews agree on rondo and their SX and agile guitars also the xaviere online.
Just helped a friend look and we both picked the $200 cherry burst affinity squire. That guitar wouldn't be holding many players back.
also the dean vendetta xm. Amazing $100-$150 playability and pretty.