Ok, I've just got myself a shiney new Fender Jazz. It's my first Fender guitar, having previously played Gibsons, and therefore my first guitar with a tremolo arm, hence I am a complete noob when it comes to their workings. Anyways, I tried to put it in, and it started to get tight facing towards the bottom end of the guitar, and then stopped facing completely down. When i put it towards a position that i think it should be (i.e. facing the headstock), it isn't tight at all and just swings to the bottom. Anyone know anything to help? I thought the arms were supposed to be fairly firm, obviously not tight, but so they'd sit in any position around the front of the guitar...
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is it a screw-in type of trem? i believe the jazzmasters are.

you should screw in the trem as far as it goes, but do not overly tighten the arm. yes, it should swing somewhat loosely, but should also feel firm (not wobbly) while depressing the trem arm.

oh yes, and congrats on getting a jazzmaster. they are awesome guitars.
Lots of older-style Fender bridges have arms that will naturally swing right down loosely. It was only really when the Floyd Rose came out that people started making use of arms that stayed wherever you left them.

It shouldn't be too much of an issue. It takes a while to get used to if you've not used vibrato bridges before, but you'll get the hang of it in a few weeks.
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