I would like to hear opinions on Dame Mustaine Signature VMNTs (Dean), and know if there is a diference between the Gears of war one, and the Silver one. Thanks
are you lookin for the VMNT-C or the VMNT-X(this one is the cheaper one with pearl dot inlays)?
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Im looking for the one with shark tooth inlays (it also has some small "pearls" inlay).
They are supposed to be absolutely brilliant, especially for the monies.

The only difference is the paintjob...
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I played one (a Gears of War one, incidentally) recently, and they're just breathtaking. It played amazingly, low action without any buzz, the pickups sounded great and it was comfortable to sit with. It felt a LOT like my ESP LTD V-500 (there's a reason for that ), so it was a breeze to get used to. Loved it, basically.
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Lemme check the 08' Dealer catalog....

The catalog doesn't list any differences between the VMNTs and the GoW. Although from the pictures it looks like the VMNTs might have a bound headstock? I have no idea if it does or not haha
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