i was wondering what are song good songs that are driven by a good, simple bass groove?

i'm one of those guitar players who picked up bass. lately i've been playing guitar a lot, and my basslines seem to always be pretty melodic lately, so i wanna change it up and just learn some simple basslines that sound good.

the kind of thing i'm looking for would be like let there be rock by ac/dc, or vamos by the pixies. those are some songs that come to mind, i just like the groove. it's simple, but it works. so something like that, preferably with a little bass solo like those songs have, but it doesn't have to.

so i'm looking for something like that. anything really, i'm always looking for new music.
try Money by Pink Floyd and Another One Bites The Dust by Queen. then if those are easy, try Time Is Running Out by Muse.
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the joker by steve miller, creep by radiohead, sweet emotion by aerosmith
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Come Together- Beatles
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streets- Avenged Sevenfold
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paperback writer- the beatles
rock the casbah- the clash
feel good inc- the gorillaz
tiny cities made of ashes- modest mouse
steady as she goes- raconteurs
the joker- steve miller band
time of the season- zombies
Soul to squeeze-RHCP
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London Calling by the Clash
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Starlight by Muse is really easy on bass. If you are just starting on bass it is an easy transition. Alot of root notes kinda stuff, whether that bugs you or not, but the bass is just driving behind it.
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she by green day

Favorite Green Day song right there. Such a fun bassline.
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smells like teen spirit's verse is driven by the bass. but its no fun.
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Crooked Beat by The Clash gets my vote
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Iron Maiden - Wrathchild
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Believe - The Bravery
Hysteria - Muse
Walk Idiot Walk - The Hives
Dramamine - Modest Mouse (Yea, that's a bass.)
A Million Ways - OK Go
Juicebox - The Strokes
Evil Dead-Death
Hammer Smashed face- Cannibal Corpse
****ed with a knife-Cannibal Corpse
Raining Blood-Slayer
My Curse-Killswitch Engage
Killing In the name of

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warning - greenday
along with just about everything else suggested
Quarantine - At the Drive-In
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