That's the title of it technically so don't ****ing freak.

New music, that's right.

Automatically stream it in Hi-Fi here: http://bei.dmusic.com/music/stream/hifi/371759/.74d05e1f/stream.m3u

Automatically Download it here: http://bei.dmusic.com/music/download/371759/.74d05e1f

Here's the lyrics. Slightly Cliche' I know, not my style at all but it was mostly freestyled anyway. Give it a listen and let me know what you think


Where did you go?
I've looked everywhere,
and it got me nowhere
except right back at the start.

So, I sailed away (from here),
they never saw me again.
No trail of smoke,
no letters or long goodbyes.
I DL'd this and your other one last night. I think this song is better overall than the other one, but the lyrics here are obviously much weaker, especially the last three lines of the first stanza. The last four lines are much more interesting altogether than the first three, at least they have an interesting twist on the age old cliches you present here.

but you probably know all that, so like I said, the mp3 itself is pretty damn good. I'll listen to it every once and a while.