Images and words. Absolutely! This is where it all begun (with LaBrie on vocals) Best prog metal album ever! Every song is a masterpiece on it and the entirety is just awsome.
Images and Words
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Yea, get Images and Words. It has kind of an 80s rock feel to it, which may or may not turn you off, but it's really an incredible album. After that, get Scenes From A Memory.
Train of Thought has a couple of real gems on it, but i wouldn't say it's their best. I'd say Scenes From A Memory to be perfectly honest... Or Images and Words - if just for Another Day and Metropolis Pt 1.
Images and Words or Six Degrees (2 disks makes it awesome..)
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i started out with train of thought and then went on to metropolis part 2. good combo imo.
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the album with take the time on i forgot the name i listened to that cd in my car for about a month straight, that was manly because i forgot to bring another cd to change it but it is still an awesome album
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i think its awesome too. well, half of it is awesome...
Well Enough Alone
Scenes From A Memory, personally...
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