Hi folks!

I love the band Hurt. Didn't really which genre to put them in but for me it's modern rock.

Who else likes them? What're your fav songs?

Alone With the Sea and Rapture and my main likings
Any links?
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To sites where you can listen some of their music perchance?
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from Vol. 1, Danse Russe and Falls Apart

from Vol. 2 Aftermath and Ten Ton Brick

I saw them live in March, right before their bassist left. J. Loren whipped out the electric violin for Danse. An all around incredible performance
Ahh really jealous. I'd love to go and see them :P I've just got The Blackmarket EP and it's awesome
I love 'Falls Apart' and 'Overdose' off Vol. 1. Haven't really heard much of Vol 2.
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Finally, people who have listened to them and know who they are...normally the conversation goes like this:

me: do you like Hurt?
them: the song by Nine Inch Nails?
me: no...good song...but it's a band too
them: really?

and that's it so now i'm happy...i need a tab for overdose cause that song is art
...this is the last line of my post
<3Ten Ton Brick and Loded, both good songs.

Been meaning to check out more from them, gunna give them a spin shortly.
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I'm not a fan of Hurt at all, but their bassist used to be in Catch 22 and then Streetlight Manifesto. As a fan of SM I miss his playing very much.